The "tomorrow ready" EHR solution for hospitals and ACOs


Tomorrow Ready - The INTERSECT™ EHR

Unprecedented change is occurring in healthcare and the way in which it is delivered. No longer is it just about meeting Meaningful Use, but also about adapting to changing reimbursement and delivery methods.

In order to survive and thrive in the new era, healthcare organizations must adapt to the new criteria. Population health management, care coordination and patient enablement are the new mantras. Each of these delivery components has a technology requirement previously unavailable to many healthcare organizations because of high cost.

Now, INTERSECT™ changes everything. A $100,000,000 investment by Henry Ford Health Systems has made the "tomorrow- ready" INTERSECT™ EHR affordable for hospitals of all sizes.

These features, along with other enterprise-class functionalities and performance, assures that your organization will be tomorrow-ready and able to thrive in the post-reform healthcare environment.

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