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Complete Protection

Complete protection through threat-centric defense. The Cisco Security Solutions portfolio enables heathcare organizations to detect and stop advanced threats throughout the entire threat lifecycle. Cisco provides unique threat protection that integrates with the network, spanning across infrastructure, security appliances and the cloud. Not only can Cisco Security Systems see large amounts of data, but they use analytics to deliver automated security intelligence updates to protect against new threats.

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Visibility and Control

Beyond complete protection, Cisco offers:

  • Fast device policy updates
  • Better control of data and policies
  • Granular device visibility and managment
  • Comprehensive policy enforcement
  • Unparalleled network and endpoint visibility

Traditional fragmented security doesn't stop threats. In fact, solution fragmentation is one of the key drivers for the growing threats in the market.

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Flexible Solutions

Cisco offers the ability to adjust to the changing environment allowing organizations to grow at their own pace through highly scalable solutions. Cisco allows customers to pick the solutions that are right for their business to address threats specific to their environment. To gain additional flexibility most solutions can be deployed as either traditional on-premise, cloud or hybrid installations. Organizations can also lower their total cost of ownership through simple deployment and third-party integration.

Just announced:


Intersect is pleased to announce Access Now, a program that enables your organization to acquire the genuine Cisco networking and security solutions needed to provide comprensive and effective security. The program has numerous flexible features.

  1. No downpayment or security deposit is required.
  2. Deployment and ongoing managed services costs, if desired, can be incorporated into the terms of the agreement.
  3. Flexible agreement terms.
  4. Credit approval is required.

Learn more with a no-obligation proposal structured to the needs of your organization. No longer are you unable to to provide suitable protection for your assets and protected patient information because you can't afford the needed tools or because you lack the internal resources to deploy and manage them. Contact us today to learn more.

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Cisco Defense in Depth

Cisco's Defense-in-Depth security place multiple layers of security controls througout the environment providing redundancy in the event of a security control failure or if a vulnerability is exploited. This serial approach of one layer at a time makes it exponentially more difficult for threats to break through.

For example, if a virus passes web security, it could still be blocked by Next-Gen Firewall protecting sensitive data that is in the network. Starting with DNS-Layer security, Cisco uses the Internet's infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud,not only do organizations save money, but gain managment efficiency. For example, DNS and IP layer enforcement stop threats over ports, protocols and even direct to IP connections while intelligent proxy routs requests of risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection. And, command and control call-back blocking prevents executing ransomware encryption. DNS Layer security is reinforced through Cisco's Next Generation Firewall.

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Managed Security Services

The rapidly increasing cybersecurity threat threshold creates a challenge for healthcare organizations.Sixty-Five percent of attacks evade existing security tools. The future of security is intelligent and integrated. The complexity of the threat landscape requires specialized expertise.

Compounding this is a dire shortage of security experts in healthcare. This scenario can create significant amount of stress on healthcare organizations. For those with IT staffs limited in size, skills are a challenge to keep up to date.Intersect helps healthcare organizations meet these challenges by providing a portfolio of fully manged cybersecurity solutions designed for the unique requirements of healthcare organizations. Affordable options are available for a wide range of organizational sizes.

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