About Intersect

Intersect offers products and services that enable healthcare organizations to increase operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Our unique solutions model allows organizations to combine technology and centers of excellence to improve service and control costs so that they can focus on what matters most, their patients and long-term sustainability. <


Intersect is lead by a team of seasoned professionals with deep subject-matter expertise in health information technology, healthcare finance, HIPAA and cybersecurity, marketing, and clinically-related strategy decisions. These resourses enable us to add substantial value to our service offerings because we are able approach services engagements from the context of a larger picture; that of the pursuit for excellence in operational efficiency and in patient outcomes. Whether you initially choose us for HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, MACRA reporting, service line strategic analysis, or assistance in negotiating a payer contract, you will find us to be highly qualified and fully engaged in assuring your success.


Intersect utilizes a process-based approach that assures optimal outcomes. Working directly with experts to implement industry leading technologies and well developed processes benefits organizations by providing predictability in service and costs. Regardless of market conditions, Intersect managed solutions ensures stability across staffing, service and costs.


Intersect invests in innovative and comprehensive technology solutions that would be cost-prohibitive for an individual organization. Those resoures, when applied to client applications assure the most favorable results possible. Whether the goal be to assure HIPAA compliance, or perform data analytics in order to prepare for contract negotiations, Intersect's tecnology resources provide clients with the benefits to be gained from powerful technology tools.

The intersection of health and technology


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