Complimentary Breach Security Assessment

Don't wait for an expensive breach to learn about gaps in your data security protection. Intersect offers a complimentary breach security assessment that will analyze your current breach security posture and level of maturity. You will receive a post assessment report summarizing recommendations on how to improve your breach security with a multi-year plan. There is no obligation.


The assessment is a 1-2 hour engagement with a security assessor to measure breach security safeguards in your healthcare organization. It does not require a security expert from your organization, just someone that is knowledgeable, at a high level, about what security safeguards are in place. It may be conducted by phone or face to face. After the assessment the organization will receive a report summarizing the findings, any gaps, and a proposal to build breach security. Results of the assessment and reports are confidential.

Focus on top Breach Concerns

There are many types of breaches including cybercrime hacks, loss or theft of mobile devices or media, accidents or workarounds, business associates, malicious insiders or fraud snooping, improper disposal, ransomware, and denial of service attacks. For each type of breach, the set of safeguards required to mitigate it vary. Given a particular type of breach, the healthcare breach security maturity model, utilized in this assessment, may be used to rapidly assess the breach security posture for that type of breach. This enables focus on top breach concerns, while also enabling healthcare organizations to measure their security posture across a variety of breach types.

Compare to Other Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare breach security assessment is a high-level survey of potential breach security issues and is intended to inform participants where they stand on selected security practices in relation to other similar participants in this study. It is also different from and complementary to the mandated HIPAA Security Audit. It is a quick checkpoint assessment to determine where a healthcare organization stands in terms of their breach security posture, relative to the rest of the healthcare industry. It provides an opportunity to look at gaps and next steps that can be taken to improve breach security posture. A healthcare breach security assessment may in fact identify needs and lead to deeper subsequent steps and breach security safeguards.

Take Action

Don't be a victim. Avoid the risk by gaining a clear understanding of how your security posture measures up. To sign up or to learn more please contact us today.


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