Just as Cisco security solutions are available with flexible deployment options across cloud, on premise, hybrid and virtual environments, Intersect offers the flexible menu of services required to assure healthcare organizations receive optimal value and satisfaction from their cybersecurity investments. With the goal of enabling effective security across networks, apps, devices and infrastructure, Intersect will work with your team to define your end-state cybersecurity goals.

Network Evaluation and Gap Analysis

Intersect will analyze your current security posture and level of maturity, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. Our methodology uses two separate processes.

The first is a software-tool-based deep network scan. This scan is very thorough. will assist you in identifying the current state of network security. Aditionally, it will create a proposed managment plan based around issues that need remediation. Those reports can also serve as the Risk Analysis and Management plan required to be HIPAA compliant.

The second analysis will analyze how your current security posture and level of maturity compares to the rest of the healthcare industry. The importance of that information is that there is a much higher degree of vulnerability to cyber criminals if your ranking places you "at the back of the herd." This analysis can also be used to drive change and inform decisions on the best next steps to improve security in your healthcare organization and mitigate breach risk.

Solution Model

Armed with information from the network discovery and analysis processes, using a solutions model, Intersect will work with clients to develop a multi-year plan that, when fully implemented, achieves the end-state goal established at the beginning of the process. The plan will prioritize the order of the upgrades to be made, assuring that critical issues are dealt with early. Upon completion, the end-state plan will yield an integrated, comprehensive system assuring complete protection across the seven attack vectors offering visibility and control, and reduced administrative complexity through solution consolidation.

Solution Deployment Services

Intersect offers Cisco Implementation Services:

Build a robust security defense

  • Quickly adopt new security technologies with ease. Whether you are implementing the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), migrating to the Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall, or installing our Stealthwatch products, we’re here to help you.

Integrate new technologies

  • We can help you integrate a breadth of Cisco security technologies into multivendor environments. We can also support your migration from other solutions, including legacy products. And we can optimize your existing technologies to strengthen your security profile.
    • Shorten adoption times
    • Migrate and deploy faster
    • Identify more vulnerabilities

Implementation and migration services

Increase the value of your solutions while reducing downtime.

  • Control network access with ISE
    • Get the best combination of Identity Services Engine capabilities. Our Cisco Security Services for ISE helps you deploy this award-winning technology.
  • Strengthen endpoint security
  • Easily integrate Stealthwatch
    • Get advanced network visibility and protection. The Stealthwatch Deployment Service helps ensure error-free installation and integration into your network design.
  • Deploy and migrate firewall protection
    • Your next-gen firewall protection should respond in real time to the ever-changing technology environment and threat landscape. Make sure it’s properly configured.

System Monitoring and Management Services

Intersect offers a range of plans and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet the needs of healthcare organizations with a differing internal IT resources.

The information gleaned from monitoring the network enables Intersect technicians to efficiently troubleshoot and manage servers, workstations and network infrastructure. Intersect offers a range of SLAs to meet the needs of most healthcare organizations. These services are for healthcare organizations who want their internal IT team to focus on high-value tasks. Choose from:

  • Patch Management
  • Backup Managment
  • Disaster Recovery Alerts Configuration and Managemen
  • Active Directory and User Management
  • Enterprise Hardening
  • Network Modernization
  • Data Storage Management
  • Virtualization Strategies
  • On-premise to Cloud eMail Migrations
  • Custom Services

Cisco Active Threat Analytics

  • Offering an innovative portfolio of hosted and managed services platforms, and business intelligence
    • Integrates deep expertise with cutting edge technology, leading intelligence and active analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed, accuracy and focus.
    • Cisco experts monitor customer networks, providing constant vigilance and in-depth analysis as a comprehensive security solution.

Cisco Incident Response Services

  • This advisory service helps organizations prepare, manage, respond and recover from incidents quickly and effectively.
  • The response team is composed of experts in law enforcement, enterprise security, and technology security.

Help Desk Services

Through 24/7 remote monitoring and management, Intersect offers a Managed Services Helpdesk and Network Operations Center (NOC) for virtually any subject matter. Intersect's Helpdesk and NOC team can resolve connectivity and usage issues with PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile devices, printers, and servers. We allow you to get help qucikly and get back to work in minutes.