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Developed by a Harvard trained, former Stanford University physician with over 20 years of successful experience with remote care delivery, it is no surprise that Remote+Care is designed, not only with capabilities not found in other telemedicine applications, but also with other attributes that make it simple to deploy, simple to use, and a a powerful tool for virtual patient encounters. Virtual encounters can incorporate real-time vital signs monitoring and customized care pathways. EHR integration and HIPAA compliance are just of few of its competitive differences. Seize the telehealth opportunity today and be "Tomorrow-Ready" with Remote+Care. 

Save Wasted Time

With Remote+Care, staff will not spend wasted time tracking down patients for their virtual visits. When the provider is ready to see them, they can send a simple "nudge" from the text and email-enabled video application. There is another time and frustration-saving feature. Remote+Care does not require patients to download and install an app in order to begin an encounter. That means encounters begin on time without needless frustration from the provider and patient.

Improve Early Interventions

Improve early interventions with real-time monitoring capabilities. View data from an intuitive dashboard and perform population health analytics. Early interventions save expensive emergency department visits while hospital readmissions are significantly reduced. Chronic and comorbid chronic disease patients enjoy a much higher quality of life while remaining at home.

Simplify Scheduling and Charting

As a physician-developed application, much attention was placed on design steps to optimize the user's time during patient encounters and charting activities. Users will appreciate the use of check boxes, radio buttons, pull down menus, and other time-saving designs.


Optimize your telehealth program

Intersect offers a range of service plans with capabilities that offer the opportunity to only pay for what you need while enabling a seamless transition to enhanced care-delivery models when you are ready. As more and more patient encounters shift to virtual visits now and in the post-pandemic future, Remote+Care has the capability you'll need to fully optimize the telehealth opportunity.

When you are ready to offer enhanced services such as chronic disease management or medication management, not only will you be able to move quickly, but you can do so without the disruption and expense usually associated with deploying or modifying electronic medical records systems.

There are more reasons to take a close look at Remote+Care. One reason, significantly, are customized Care Flows. Your patient enounters, whether they be for mental health, cardio, primary care or any other specialty, can be guided by your organization's established practice standards - not a "one fits all" approach. It is the difference between web conferencing and telehealth.

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In the future, telehealth will account for a greater and greater share of all physician encounters. Remote+Care will enable your organization to optimize that opportunity.