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Innovative, enterprise-class virtual care-delivery solutions!

Intersect offers virtual patient care solutions with transformational care-delivery capabilities.

You can do a lot more remotely than you think. With Intersect's full-featured functionality achieve enhanced patient outcomes, improved financial performance, increased provider satisfaction, enhanced cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance. Intersect offers a host of features not available with ordinary telemedicine appliciations.

Intersect enables your organization to Do Healthcare Better.

Strategy. Technology. Execution.

Putting it all together

A high performance viritual initiative requires more than a good strategy, or great technology, or flawless execution.

It requires all three components. That is where we come in. Intersect can help you create a high-performance virtual care-delivery initiative where strategy, services, and technology are flawlessly integrated together. We are highly qualified to help you develop a service offering that incorporates financial, operational and technology considerations to optimize your virtal care delivery.

Enterprise-Class Virtual Care-Delivery Technology

Intersect enables your organization to provide high quality healthcare virtually.

  • Virtual visits, remote monitoring, and data-driven decision analytics
  • Enterprise Class
  • Installation-free instant access via the cloud
  • Real-time vital signs, documentation and analytics
  • HIPAA compliant
Telehealth Program Solutions

We help you maximize your telehealth program effectiveness across various sites of care in a way that is seamless, easy to navigate and customized to your unique care-delivery pathways.

  • Program strategy and integration
  • Operational design
  • Physician adoption and alignment
  • Analytics
  • Care pathway customization

Who We Are

Adopt an Effective Strategy for Sustainable Operations

Intersect Healthcare Systems helps healthcare organizations enhance their patient reach and deliver high quality care through innovative, easy to adopt, telehealth solutions.

Not only do we believe our solutions are the most innovative and versatile telehealth solutions available on the market today, we are experts at helping organizations optimize their telehealth programs through a future-focused strategy, efficient operations, easy technology adoption, integration and care pathway customization.