The evolving complexity of the threat landscape requires specialized skill sets that can help organizations across key threat vectors. Intersect has invested in acquiring that expertise, and is qualified to assist healthcare organizations in protecting patient data, staff members and organizational assets from cyber criminals.

Healthcare Expertise

Intersect has been immersed in the healthcare sector for years. We know how care is delivered and the role of technology plays in it. We understand the operational difficulty caused by tight budgets, stiff regulations, the transition of the reimbursement system from fee for service to value, and the emergence of telemedicine.

We are acutely aware of today's challenges resulting from cybercriminals attempting to steal medical records or extort money to release them from ransomware. Our products and service offerings are uniquely suited to mitigate those issues.

Why Cisco?

Intersect made the decision to primarily base its business strategy around Cisco products and servIces for several reasons. We know that fragmented security doesn't stop threats. Cisco's complete integrated solution was a huge factor in our choice. Among the seven key threat vectors that Cisco protects (Email, Web, Cloud Apps, Endpoints, Mobile, Campus & Branch, & Data Center), healthcare organizations have exposure in all of them. Organizations with budget restrictions can acquire additional protection incrementally.

The threat environment is very dynamic with new threats emerging constantly. To meet that challenge, Cisco continues to invest large amounts in new technology, while Talos, their security intelligence organization is the largest of its kind in the world.

There were a number of other important considerations in Interect's decision to represent Cisco, but another of great importance is the fact that Cisco's solutions are affordable for healthcare organizations of all sizes, which includes rural, community and safety net hospitals.

Service Quality

Intersect utilizes Cisco Implementation Services. This relationship expedites design, installation and utilization timeframes. It also helps ensure error-free installation and integration into your network design.


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